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Our team will take care of your amazing experience visiting some of the most famous tourist destinations of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country with a lot of ancient heritage, astonishing nature and great nightlife and we provide all of that. A member of our team, fluent in English, will take you from your hotel with our brand-new hybrid SUV. The person is registered tour-operator and knows the best places to visit in Bulgaria. And in order to seal your memories we have a high quality video system that will capture the whole experience and amazing views. After the visit, you will receive an HD video and pictures of your trip, which you can take home and show your friends and family.


Rila Monastery is a symbol of Bulgaria. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of the three Stavropigian monasteries in Bulgaria. Created in the 10th century by the Saint of the Bulgarian people Ivan Rilski, this monastery is actually the living history of our people. A spiritual center, a place of worship and solitude, a safe haven – all of these are a fundamental part of Rila Monastery. The two churches, Khrelyov Tower, the chapels, the incredible natural scenery, the spirits of Neofit Rilski and Paisii Hilendarski, of Ilyo Voyvoda and Vasil Levski, of Gotse Delchev and Peyu Yavorov and more. Just …. the monastery represents Bulgaria in full.

Price per person starts from 50 euro


Originating at the very beginning of the 17th century, wrapped in mysticism and greenery, the Troyan Monastery is today one of only three Stavropigian monasteries on the territory of Bulgaria. The monastery has preserved for the following generations the murals of the famous Zacharias Zograf, and above all his amazing “Wheel of Life”. The infamous Vasil Levski founded a revolutionary committee here, and during the Liberation War the monks assisted the Russian troops in crossing the Balkans. Troyan monastery – the true spiritual hearth of the Bulgarian nation

Price per person: 100 euro


Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe – the beginning of its history dates back to 4,000 years BC. During the Bulgarian Revival Plovdiv was an important economic center. The city was home to many wealthy and educated people who traveled across Europe and brought new cultural currents. The rich traders from Plovdiv showed their wealth through the construction of beautiful and richly ornamented houses.Nowadays Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and it is situated in the Upper Thracian Plain (Gornotrakiyska Nizina), on the both banks of the Maritsa river. The population of the city is about 350,000 people.Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture and during the year there will be 500 events hosted there, with a lot of cultural, art and musical aspects.

>Price per person starts from 100 euro


Veliko Tarnovo – the glorious capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – the Third Rome, as the city was called during the Middle Ages. On its streets you can feel the will and power of the kings from the Asenevtsi family, or somewhere on the Tsarevets hill you may come across the wisdom and meek irreconcilability of Patriarch Evtimii Turnovski, and while eating a simit or white sweet on Samovodska charshia you can meet the Bulgarian duchy Renaissance activist – Petko Rachev Slaveikov. Also obligatory is the Great Church “Forty Martyrs”, a mausoleum of the Bulgarian kings. Pride, beauty and sense of eternity, this is Veliko Tarnovo.

Arbanassi – the pearl of the regional tourism. If you want to feel the time and the spirit of the rich Bulgarians from the pre-Renaissance period, Arbanassi is a must-see destination. Venues, such as castles, churches and cathedrals are wealth, luxury and luxury shed from every pavement on the local cobblestone streets. The taverns carry a sense of the Bulgarian. Welcome. And … it’s up to Veliko Tarnovo.

Price per person starts from 110 euro per adult 60 euro



‘Tenebris’ is a restaurant that offers an exclusive five-course menu, with a selection of drinks to take you on a sensual adventure. There is only one catch – you won’t see anything. Dinner in the dark is a conception that dates from the 90’s and offers an amazing experience based of the well- known fact that if one of your senses is taken away, the rest of them start to ‘work’ hard to compensate. The main goal is to immerse you in a world where vision is absent and to allow your other senses to unfold!


See the beauty of the magnificent Bulgarian nature from above! The Pilots from ‘Sky Mania’ club have participated in 3 World Championships, 5 European Championships and 21 Paragliding World Cups. The club has organized about 10 competitions since its existence. All that absolutely guarantee a memorable experience with a paraglider in a tandem flight with professional pilots!


Тhe largest science center in Eastern Europe for small and adult researchers. How much do you weigh on Mars? Want to see people through the eyes of a grasshopper? Can you make a volcano erupt or cause an earthquake? Museiko promises to answer these and many other questions to children and their parents in an interesting and compelling way, breaking the notion that science is a complicated and boring thing.

Muzeiko relies mainly on the desire of young visitors and their parents to play and interact – to make a volcano erupt, to repel in space, or to assemble a space greenhouse are only a small part of the many adventures that await you there.

INFINITY – spa complex/ relax center


Infinity SPA Center is a luxury SPA complex near Sofia. It is located next to ‘Pancharevo’ lake and offers incredible infinity views of the surrounding landscape. Away from the urban environment and equipped with tools for water massages, waterfall, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and relaxation area, it is a wonderful place for relaxation and taking care of your health and beauty.

CARVE – indoor ski, board & bar

‘CARVE’ is the first indoor ski and snowboard sports center in Bulgaria. It offers a unique concept that combines the possibility of year-round training of the most popular winter sports along with the unique atmosphere of a thematic mountain bar and shop near the center of Sofia. A place where fans of winter sports have the opportunity to practice them all year round, meet new people and enjoy thematic competitions and events.

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